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Submitting Your Script…

We welcome plays (full-lengths, one-acts) and screenplays (film, television) and musical theatre from St. Louis-area writers. We restrict submissions to writers in the St. Louis metropolitan area because we require the playwright to participate in the reading.

Your script must be original and free of copyright restrictions. Plays that have had previous readings are considered. You may also email a copy of the script or project to Mario at

Your first step is to submit a hard copy of your script securely bound and contain the following information:

1. Category: stage play, screenplay, television script, musical theatre etc.

2. Type: drama, comedy, comedy-drama, mystery, experimental, etc.

3. Cast: number of roles broken down by women and men

Please allow four to six weeks for review. St. Louis Writers Group is not obligated to schedule any script. If your script is selected, we will contact you to discuss the date. Prior to your own reading you MUST attend at least one or more The St. Louis Writers’ Group readings. There are no exceptions. (Experience has taught us that authors who understand our process and the format of our discussions derive the most benefit from their own reading.)

Mail your script to:

Richard Young