Punk RockerMore Than a Safety Pin
Through the Ear

By David Hawley

Stereo Heart PromoStereo Heart By Mario Farwell

Hand breaking glassReceipt for my Child by Nathan Crall

Trick and AnotoniaTrick and Antontonia
by Jenn Ciavarella

Death by Fiat

Uncle SamWho Is Uncle Sam by Larry Quiggins

Tea CupHome Again by CJ Zander

ApolloApollo's Way by Mario Farwell

Sherlock HolmesLEGACY:The Final Case of Sherlock Holmes by Robert Stevenson


Play Readings

We have readings of new plays by area playwrights the first Monday of the month. The readings are held at the Big Daddy's, 1000 Sidney, the corner of 10th and Sidney in Soulard. The bar/restaurant has a full menu of sandwiches, soups, salads, baked goods, specialty coffees and alcohol. Join us for a new play and delicious food. You’ll get a chance to discuss the play at the end of the reading. Since the plays are still in the developmental stages, your feed back is invaluable to the playwrights. We look forward to seeing you at one of our readings.