Musical Theatre Workshop


The St. Louis Writers' Group will begin it's 11th year by kicking off a new program.  We are adding a musical theatre workshop to our program. Join us on Monday, February 1, 6:30 pm at the Monocle Cabaret on Manchester for the first St. Louis Writers' Group Musical Theatre Workshop.

The St. Louis Writers' Group Musical Theatre Workshop will be held once a month at the Monocle, a cabaret venue in the Grove.  We will be developing original musicals from concept to performance ready. The workshops will involve readings from the script of the musical, followed by analysis of the structure, character development and continuity with the lyrics and music.  We'll be listening to the music from the shows and helping the composer hone and shape the score.  We'll be doing in depth analysis of the lyrics to make sure they push the story forward and blend with the other musical elements.  We hope to workshop any musical that's part of the workshop, until it's ready to be staged.  We are planning on doing showcase performance of the musical that are completed in the musical theatre workshop.  All lovers of musical theatre are welcome to attended and participate.  We are also accepting other musical teams that wish to participate in the workshops.

Courting Molly
Book, Lyrics and Music

by Rob Miller

Courting Molly is the story of Abraham Lincoln's tumultuous engagement to Mary Todd, complicated by his attraction to the beautiful Matilda Edwards that leads Lincoln to the brink of suicide; he can only regain sanity by his resolve to do so. 

Book, Lyrics

by Mario Farwell

Ebenezer is a musical based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The musical Ebenezer reimagines the traditional tale with an Afro-American/urban slant.  Expect the unexpected. 

Traveling Down the Highway

by Don Bryant Bailey, Katie Banister and Shannon Davis. Inspired by Slim and Zella Mae Cox

A gospel family's journey of love, laughter, loss and more as they strive to live the American Dream.
 A musical that will have you laughing and crying! Fun, yet poignant!
From humble beginnings to the Grand Ole Opry.