Everyone who loves theater can participate in the St. Louis Writers' Group.

St. Louis area Playwrights, Screenwriters, librettist and composers

St. Louis Writers' Group is always looking for new scripts from St. Louis area writers:
full-lengths, one-acts and even 10-minute stage plays, as well as screenplays and musicals. For more information, check out our Submission Guidelines.

Actors / Readers

Play readings are an excellent opportunity for actors to develop their craft. Best of all: one short rehearsals and no memorizing! Arrive early and introduce yourself to the Moderator and tell him or her that you'd like to get involved with the group as an actor.

Audience Member

No play exists without YOU. Bring your imagination and sit back to enjoy an original script the first Monday of every month at Big Daddy's 1000 Sidney, the corner of 10th and Sidney in Soulard. Afterwards, offer your comments and feedback to help the playwright.

Mario Farwell
St. Louis Writers' Group
1000 Lami Street # 101
St. Louis MO, 63104