Notes from the Founder and President

Mario FarwellI wanted to start a group in St. Louis that would provide St. Louis area writers with a venue for developing plays, screenplays and musical. Having been involved in several developmental groups in New York and San Diego, I thought I could bring that same experience to St. Louis. The evenings of play readings presented by the St. Louis Writers’ Group officially began on November 2005 at the Soulard Coffee Garden. The owner of the café, Ted, was kind enough to allow me to use the space once a month to do readings. The first reading was a bit sparse, and I wasn’t sure how long this new idea would last. The size of the audience has grown with each reading, and the quality of plays that have been read has been outstanding. The last event we held, two evenings of one-acts, was a huge success, and we had a capacity crowd. We have an exciting event planned in October, SLAM for playwrights. Anyone can bring a script in the night of SLAM, have part of it read, get feed back, and hopefully move on to the next round.  I’m looking forward to getting other writers, directors, and performers involved in the group. Our goal is to facilitate the writing process from the initial idea to a fully-realized work of theatre or screenplay. Mario Farwell

Mission Statement

The St. Louis Writers’ Group is dedicated to the development of the works of local playwrights, screenwriters and writers of musical theatre through developmental workshops, public readings followed by a discussion of their work, stage readings, and full-productions. St. Louis Writers’ Group has regular play readings on the first Monday of the month, and a workshop meeting on the second Monday of the month. We strive for a diverse program of events such as readings, SLAM events, and an open forum for playwrights, where anyone can bring works in and have them read, evenings of one-acts, and other events, which entertain and challenge an audience. We at the St. Louis Writers’ Group encourage diversity, embrace innovation, and nurture the creative spirit. All genres of theatre and film are accepted here.
We welcome writers from beginners to professional level. Everyone is welcome and has a voice at the St. Louis Writers’ Group.  We strive for ethnic diversity, creative innovation, and a high standard of excellence.